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A Lot Of Bull!

Posted in Bubba on Insurance
The lack of income due to Bubba‘s injuries was devastating. He couldn’t make his mortgage payment and had to move from his home in Wewoka, Oklahoma. When the big day came, Bubba pulled into the yard in his Ford 4×4, and rigged up a homemade hitch to "hook up" his mobile home so that he… Continue Reading

Bubba On Insurance: Lesson 1

Posted in Bubba on Insurance
The truth is Cousin Bubba doesn’t really know a lot about insurance or even law for that matter. He is well versed in the 2nd Amendment and will "tell you right flat out the right to bear arms has nothing to do with the First Lady’s sleeveless dresses." Bubba doesn’t need to tell you he’s… Continue Reading

Bubba Teaches Insurance Law

Posted in Bubba on Insurance
Cousin Bubba has taught more people about insurance law in Oklahoma than anyone I know.  He has an uncanny way of getting into more trouble than a postman in a yard full of pit bulls.  The key to learning from Cousin Bubba is to read about him rather than to experience him.  We hope you… Continue Reading

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