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Appraisal Process As A Substitute For Trial

Posted in Property Insurance
If the goal of both the insurer and the insured is to obtain a prompt resolution of a property damage dispute, appraisal is sometimes an appropriate means to end the discussion and allow everyone to move forward.  I have seen appraisal used in $1,000,000.00 disputes and $5,000.00 disagreements. The Supreme Court in Oklahoma has ruled the party … Continue Reading

Appraisal Clause In Homeowner’s Policy Is A Useful Tool

Posted in Homeowners' Insurance
Most homeowners’ insurance policies provide disputes over the value of the claim can be taken to appraisal and the amount determined by disinterested parties. The appraisal clause has its roots in the statutory fire policy addressed in earlier posts. The statutory provision provides for appraisal upon the request of either party to the claim. The … Continue Reading

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