Litigation has a lot of conflicts that really slow down getting your day in court. Sometimes it has to do with the lawyer’s schedule in other courts. Bubba’s insurance case hit one of those snags. Judge Smith set the case on the trial docket that also happened to be the trial docket in a Federal court lawsuit in one of my other files.

Even Bubba could ” see how a feller’ caint be two places at oncest “. He hoped my client in the Federal case was going to understand. I explained to Bubba that the courts have their own ideas about conflicting dates and who case goes to trial. The general rule being Federal court jury trials take priority over the ones in a State court. Bubba’s case was not filed in Federal court.

Don’t ever try to out guess Bubba! When I told him that I was going to call Judge Smith to let him know that I had a conflict and need to continue Bubba’s jury trial, he ranted for a few minutes. That I expected! What I didn’t expect was for Bubba to ” fire me “. If I couldn’t be there, then ” he wus just a goin’ do her hisself”! The courts call a person that acts as their own lawyer ” pro se “. Most lawyers just call them ” fools “.

I’m going to see if maybe Judge Smith will let someone video this jury trial. It’s going to be a hoot for sure!