Oklahoma bad faith law applies to storm, tornado, wind, and hail damage.

Insurance covers all kinds of damaging events. Many people think about their home, car, boat, lake house, disability policy, life insurance, or business. However, insurance is available for all sorts of other things.

For instance, professional athletes insure their hands. Entertainers and music stars insure the ability to sing or play an instrument while actors and actresses buy insurance against disfigurement. Doctors buy malpractice coverage. Rodeo and concert events are insured against weather cancellation. Farmers purchase crop insurance while ranchers obtain coverage for their hay and livestock. Racing syndicates buy all kinds of insurance for valuable race horses. The list goes on and on.Continue Reading Oklahoma Bad Faith Law Applies To Hail, Storms, Tornado, Theft, Ice, Fire, Water Damage, Etc.

Bad faith under Oklahoma law only applies in certain situations. Not every dissatisfied claimant is entitled to sue under Oklahoma bad faith law.

Oklahoma bad faith is NOT:

* action by the underwriting department while underwriting a policy

* the activity of an insurance agent in selling the coverage

* the action of an