Turkey FryerPropane turkey fryers have the ability to turn into a fountain of fire, causing fire damage to homes and injuries to people. The holiday season is supposed to be about family, friends, and food. With all the fun to be had at holiday parties there is also the chance that property can be damaged or that a homeowner could be held liable for injuries. The damage or injuries can even happen before the turkey is cooked. In fact, the turkey and the turkey fryer can turn a fun holiday party into a disaster.

The National Fire Protection Association’s 2013 survey revealed that on Thanksgiving the total number of daily fires is estimated to be 230% above the daily average, and on Christmas Day it is 58% above the daily average. Propane turkey fryers have developed a reputation for being dangerous. You can find hundreds of videos on the internet showing the chaos that one little bird and some oil can cause. Nationally Thanksgiving Day cooking annually causes 2,000 residential fires totaling to about five deaths, 21 injuries, and $21 million in property losses. Turkey fryers alone make up about $15 million of the property damage caused by Thanksgiving Day cooking.

It is easy to see how these numbers come about. With people buzzing around, friends and family catching up and telling stories, it is easy to make a mistake that can lead to a fire while cooking. If you add an open flame and gallons of hot oil to the mix, you very likely have a recipe for disaster.

The blame is not always the chef’s, but instead might fit squarely on the shoulders of the manufacturer. Manufacturer’s products liability can be a likely cause of a turkey fryer causing damage to homes and people. If there is a defect in the design of the fryer, or there is a defect in the manufacturing the fryer that caused the fire, the manufacturer could be on the hook for the loss. As such, subrogation recovery potentials need to be evaluated relatively early in order to gather proper evidence and avoid spoliation. Engaging a competent Oklahoma law firm quickly in fire losses benefits greatly. Oklahoma attorneys knowledgeable in fire investigation and preservation of evidence necessary for recovery against the manufacturer greatly increase your odds.