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Court Approves The Denial Of Homeowners Claim For Failure To Cooperate With The Insurance Company During The Investigation

Posted in Homeowners' Insurance
The decision to deny a valid homeowners claim for lack of cooperation is complicated. In Oklahoma, you really need an attorney. Not just any attorney, but one familiar with Oklahoma law. There is a balance the Courts strike in being fair to the insurance company and the homeowner. Nearly every insurance policy has a clause… Continue Reading

Living in Oklahoma’s Tornado Alley and Needing Insurance

Posted in Homeowners' Insurance, Insurance Coverage, Storm Damage
Living in Oklahoma means living with tornadoes, and living with tornadoes means having to deal with tornado damage. The damage caused by tornadoes can be catastrophic. The aftermath can leave whole towns devastated. Comfort can be found in knowing that a homeowners insurance policy can help ease the pain of the damage caused by tornadoes.… Continue Reading

Chimney Fires Result in Death and Property Damages To Oklahoma Homes and Families

Posted in Fire Loss, Homeowners' Insurance, Property Insurance
Fires are deadly and devastating to Oklahomans. Every year fires take lives, homes, and businesses. The cost to the insurance industry is huge. Insurance covers most types of fires unless intentionally set. Arson is a crime and no insurance policy will cover destroying property deliberately. The cause of the fire is always an important factor… Continue Reading

Homeowners Insurance Protects Against Fire Losses According To Allstate Insurance Company

Posted in Fire Loss, Homeowners' Insurance
Insurance is intended to protect the insurance company customer (“insured”) from fire damage. The policy holder pays the premium for fire insurance. If the property catches fire, the insurance pays for the losses. Obviously, the customer cannot commit arson. Intentionally burning your house or property is a crime. It is also illegal to present a… Continue Reading

Do Insurance Policies Provide Coverage for Man-made Earthquakes in Oklahoma?

Posted in Homeowners' Insurance
Earthquake insurance is not automatically included in a standard homeowners policy. However, insurance companies may provide coverage for earthquakes for an additional charge. Earthquake coverage may be purchased as either an endorsement to a homeowners insurance policy or it may be purchased as a separate policy of its own. Over the past few years earthquake… Continue Reading

Residential Candle Fires

Posted in Homeowners' Insurance
  Fires caused by candles result in $390 Million in claims for property loss or damage. It is estimated there are 165 fatalities each year from burning candles. Retail candle sales are increasing every year with a 700% increase in the past 10 years. Women are more likely to be killed or injured in residential… Continue Reading

Intentionally Set Fires or Arson

Posted in Homeowners' Insurance
Arson or intentionally set fires cost insurance companies $593 Million every year. It is estimated 5% of all residential fires are intentionally set. It is imperative for insurance adjusters to watch for suspicious claims involving house fires. Things to watch for include: Vacancy – 41% of intentionally set fires occur in  vacant buildings Ignite mainly… Continue Reading

Oklahoma Courts Uphold Theft Of Personal Contents Exclusion

Posted in Homeowners' Insurance
A homeowner searching for a low-cost insurance policy for his home purchased an insurance policy for his residence. The property coverage policy differed from a traditional homeowner’s insurance policy in that the property coverage provided reduced coverage for certain types of losses and didn’t cost as much as homeowners coverage would have. The contract provided… Continue Reading

Cancellation Of Homeowners’ Policy

Posted in Homeowners' Insurance
Cancellation of a homeowners’ insurance policy requires compliance with terms and conditions of the policy. It may sound simple, but we have seen several full blown lawsuits arise over the years where the manner in which the policy was cancelled before a loss occurred was challenged. The starting point is a review of the requirement… Continue Reading

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