The frigid winter weather is back. It has been really cold with the result of a lot of broken water lines from the freezing temperatures. People aren’t used to the really cold weather this year. The past two years have been very mild for Oklahoma with much warmer temperatures than the past few weeks. It has meant Oklahoma plumbers have been really busy and next in line will be the insurance adjusters reaching new claims.

The damage from a broken water pipe can be severe. However, knowing what to do if you come home to find running water from a burst pipe can really lessen the amount of the damage. Tulsa’s Channel 8 reports:

Mullin CEO Robert Morris said a surprising number of people don’t know how to stop a flood until it’s too late.

“The first initial panic is trying to find where to shut the water off and minimize the damage caused by the water leak itself,” said Morris.

He added that we haven’t had serious cold for a couple of years, so we should all make sure our crawl spaces and pipes are well protected.”

The laws of physics always seem to hold true. Cold weather always finds water if it is not protected by a heat source. Running water always tries to find the lowest possible point in its travels. The combined laws of physics mean houses and businesses in Oklahoma have frozen pipes and water damage.

Insurance companies, just like plumbers, are about to get really busy!