Hail6One Allstate Insurance customer complained the adjuster said there was no hail damage while the neighbor’s roof was being replaced due to hail:

I had a hail storm happen in my neighborhood in July 2015, and many roofs (over 100 in my area based on roofing permits issued in the village I live in) were replaced due to hail damage. Many houses on my block have new roofs due to the hail storm. I had a roofer check my roof and he saw hail damage and took pictures,

Allstate came out to review my roof and claimed that there was no hail damage. Ironically, State Farm was reviewing a house two doors away from me. Can you guess what they saw? Hail damage and their roof is currently being replaced.

We don’t know the specific facts in the Allstate customer’s complaint. Someone could reach the conclusion the next door neighbor had an experienced adjuster. The neighbor’s roof was replaced quickly and without question. The Allstate insurance adjuster found no hail damage. Maybe there wasn’t any damage. If not, the Allstate claim file should contain the evidence necessary such as photographs, inspections, etc.

Allstate recognizes, “. . . hailstones fall to earth from 30,000 feet, reaching up to 120 mph before they hit people, animals, vegetation, vehicles and structures. These storms cause $1 billion in damages to crops and property each year . . .” A hard piece of ice traveling that fast can cause a serious dent to a car or permanently destroy an asphalt shingle. No wonder hail causes so much damage to Oklahoma property owners!

Most insurance storm claims are adjusted by properly trained adjusters with the knowledge and training to locate hail damage. These hard working claim representatives fairly value the loss. They also timely pay the claim. Good adjusters make the claim simple. They know their job and do it!

The insured has to provide proof of damage, that’s Oklahoma law. The insurance company has to be able to defend its position. Education is the bridge. Adjusters should always be ready to explain things. The insured homeowner may not understand the Allstate complaint because someone didn’t take the time to give an explanation. The Allstate insured could just be trying to get a new roof for free. Not every insured is honest and not every homeowner is reasonable. It might have been useful to involve a lawyer to work out a settlement.

Someone will exclaim, “It’s a roof claim! It shouldn’t take a lawyer.” True, it shouldn’t, but sometimes it does. A lawyer experienced with hail and storm insurance can help with the communication breakdown.

The Allstate customer’s complaint might have been resolved. Having a professional help is important. Oklahoma lawyers serve the purpose of fair settlements.

An Oklahoma insurance attorney benefits in many ways:

  • Saves your valuable time.
  • Knows Oklahoma insurance law.
  • Provides credibility.
  • Settles claims.

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