The fire claim you have isn’t finished and its almost the beginning of storm season in March. You really don’t need a double claim involving fire and storm damages. It’s hard enough to settle one claim. It’s a lot more complicated to resolve two claims to the same property.

Insurance claims for loss of property or damage seemed more predictable in previous years.

It used to be that fires and the resulting insurance claims were over by March. It didn’t mean there weren’t fire claims, but historically there seemed to be more fires in the winter.  But, the winter rains and the warmer weather may not have come soon enough .  This year, however, fire officials are warning the drought has left the vegetation drier than normal.  Consequently, winds create the danger of grass fires and wild fires. 

Living in Oklahoma, you know that March – June tends to be the time of year for hail, tornadoes, strong winds, lightning, and all sorts of storm damage. These storms almost always produce a large number of insurance claims as a rule.

While tornadoes and fire are always the most dreaded property insurance claims due to the obvious dangers, hail accounts for a lot of damage. As an example, driving in to work there’s an RV dealership with what looks to be $7 – 9 Million in inventory. One hail storm could be devastating if hit there.

Hail4Car dealers, RV dealers, and all types of commercial coach and trailer distributors are wise to carry sufficient dealer open lot coverage to protect against hail. Homeowners and vehicle owners should make sure their property is properly covered. Some people prefer not to pay for comprehensive coverage for their older vehicles, but one hail storm can total a car.

We sometimes ask, “what other piece of property worth $6,500 do you leave sitting outside in the driveway uninsured?”.

Our law firm doesn’t sell insurance.  Likewise, we do not receive any commissions for recommending people to carry insurance coverage. We routinely see all kinds of insurance claims and disputes over losses.

It is sad to hear about those situations where people or business suffer damages without adequate insurance.

If you have questions or issue involving insurance coverage or bad faith, consider contacting us to discuss the situation.