An EUO is a lot like a deposition or testifying in court. There is a court reporter present who swears in the insured and takes down the sworn testimony. The insured is asked a lot of questions about their background and the reported claim. A lawyer wouldn’t be worth much if he didn’t at least

Bubba came by for an appointment to discuss his fire loss claim. It was one of those meetings that wasn’t on my calendar; he just stopped by “to see how things were goin'”.

When I told Bubba we needed to submit his receipts for ALE, he quietly spelled “a-l-e” to himself and suddenly asked, “you

canstockphoto8352Bubba‘s insurance company sent him a letter by certified mail. Bubba didn’t sign for it “’cause he wasn’t about to let some @#$%^ serve him any legal papers!”  He tried to talk the lady at the post office into letting him see inside the envelope without signing for it. She really wanted to help

The lack of income due to Bubba‘s injuries was devastating. He couldn’t make his mortgage payment and had to move from his home in Wewoka, Oklahoma. When the big day came, Bubba pulled into the yard in his Ford 4×4, and rigged up a homemade hitch to “hook up” his mobile home so that

The truth is Cousin Bubba doesn’t really know a lot about insurance or even law for that matter. He is well versed in the 2nd Amendment and will “tell you right flat out the right to bear arms has nothing to do with the First Lady’s sleeveless dresses.” Bubba doesn’t need to tell you he’s