canstockphoto8352Bubba‘s insurance company sent him a letter by certified mail. Bubba didn’t sign for it “’cause he wasn’t about to let some @#$%^ serve him any legal papers!”  He tried to talk the lady at the post office into letting him see inside the envelope without signing for it. She really wanted to help him out and said her decision had absolutely nothing to do with Bubba having knocked out her son’s four bottom teeth a few years back when the boy tried to grab the last box of shotgun shells at the Super Saver Ammo Sale down at the flea market. I sent Bubba back to the post office.

canstockphoto19794886The letter scheduled an EUO and asked Bubba to bring any available documents evidencing title to both real and personal property as well as some other documents concerning his financial condition. While Bubba is no arsonist, I already knew his financial situation was a red flag to the company. I explained to Bubba “EUO” is shorthand for examination under oath and has nothing to do with flying saucers or unidentified flying objects. Although Bubba did mention he thought the adjuster would be unidentifiable when he finished “flying ’em across the pasture.”

It turns out the letter actually came from legal counsel for the insurance company, one of those “tall building lawyers” from Oklahoma City. He realized that some sworn testimony from Bubba would provide a good factual basis for how the company should handle things and scheduled the Examination Under Oath to obtain the needed information. I feel torn between the obligation owed to a fellow member of the bar and my family ties to Bubba. I’m really afraid Bubba will be a little humiliated going into the EUO in a straight jacket, but I also don’t want to watch a fellow member of the bar choked by Bubba’s grease-stained fingers.