I guess about anyone could see it coming, Bubba’s insurance company denied his house fire claim. The insurer, Wewoka Worldwide Insurance finished its investigation and mailed Bubba a denial letter, then the insurance company took the initiative. Wewoka Worldwide sued Bubba in a declaratory judgment action. Bubba considered it a ” declaration of war “!

The insurance company used some of Bubba’s testimony from the EUO as part of the decision. Bubba does have a way with folks sometimes, sort of like chiggers in the hot summertime that ” git under our skin “. Bubba got under the insurance lawyer’s skin just a little I suppose.

Sometimes the insured customer is their own worst enemy and the best witness that an insurance company has for it. Bubba being ” a man of action ” and not afraid to speak his mind, talked and talked and talked during the EUO. The ” tall building lawyer ” just let him go. It was a smart strategy.  Bubba can say a lot without really saying much that helps himself. He rambled from the details relevant to the insurance claim to his three ex-wifes to the biggest buck he ever shot.

Bubba told so many stories and adventures that the ” tall building lawyer ” figured him to be a liar. If you don’t know lawyers, there’s nothing they would rather do than catch you in a fib. You see a smart attorney knows that sitting in front of a jury that getting caught in a fish story has an effect like kissing a big, ole bullfrog! It sort of turns you off. Once a jury decides your aren’t telling the truth, they stop listening. They also discount anything else you say as unbelievable. The insurance company lawyer trapped Bubba with his own words.

Wewoka Worldwide was given a summary of the testimony in a report from their lawyer with his recommendation to sue for a coverage determination. Bubba didn’t get a copy of the attorney report because Wewoka Worldwide claims the report as attorney client privileged. However, Bubba was given a copy of the transcript of the testimony given at the EUO.

If the case goes to trial , Bubba’s going to have to do ” some explainin’ “.

Bubba took my suggestion to stick just to the important facts,  like telling a five year to forget about Christmas on December 23rd! Well, there you go, one more lawsuit to deal with. One thing about Bubba, he’s always ” gettin’ me  new bizness “. Sure wish it was from a  ” payin’ customer “!